Customer Reviews

Christian S - Keller, TexasStars

I have to HIGHLY recommend this pizza place! I have searched for the best pizza in the DFW for years, and have to say this family owned and operated business is the BEST! When my wife and I are away from Texas, we are craving Chelsea Pizza.

The pizza is always loaded with toppings - unlike many others who seem to act like pizza toppings are a most valuable commodity ; ) Try different things in the menu too like the Bianco special with grilled chicken. We haven't had anything less than great from these guys.

I also think the reason this pizza has been so continually good, is that the same friendly family members I have seen for 2 or 3 years in a row are there - every single time! I am sure this is why the quality stays consistent.

Whenever it is time for pizza with our family or friends, they have all learned that Chelsea Pizza is to be expected.

Darla C - Keller, TexasStars

This place is a hidden gem! Love the NY style pizza. Fresh ingredients, always friendly, always on point! We order all the time, our favorite spot.

Jonathon H - Plano, TexasStars

We recently moved from Keller to Plano and Chelsea Pizza is what I miss most about moving.

This New York style pizza place is family owned and operated and it shows! They take a lot of pride in every aspect of their business. They're friendly, talented and adjust their menu to reflect their customers.

We lived in Woodland Springs, so we were able to have them deliver the pizza, but I would pick it up every so often just to stop by and talk with the owners. Great people and great pizza.

Dewayne B - Fort Worth, TexasStars

I never knew what good Pizza was until I moved to the Northeast U.S. In coming back to the Ft Worth area and settling int Keller we discovered Chelsea's by accident. This pizza is as good as any I have had up east.

This place would have better reviews is stupid people did not write them. Not scoring a place because it doesn't sell fountain drinks with ice, it's more of a take-out joint or because the owners take a vacation at the same time every year is moronic at best.

Do yourself a favor and try this place. The pizza is great! It is beyond the normal so-called pizza one normally finds scattered around the DFW metroplex.

Malcolm C - Keller, TexasStars

I am originally from the east coast. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey. There are many places in the state of Texas that claim to offer NY style pizza but many times they fall short.. some get close. I have been to Chelsea Pizza in Keller, TX on two occasions in less than one week. On my first visit I had a Philly cheese steak pizza, my wife had a vegetarian pizza and my children shared a half cheese/half sausage pizza. It was delicious all around the table. I actually thought I was in Philly eating a cheese steak while my wife complimented on how fresh the vegetables were..and the children were quietly eating..

A few days later I came back with a few friends this time to show them what I had found. This time we had a Jersey Supreme pizza that had the best meat toppings along with onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. They remembered that I enjoyed the cheese steak so this time they made a cheese steak Stromboli for my friends and I to share. This is as close to home as it gets for me when it comes to Pizza. I would definitely recommend you try Chelsea Pizza as it is the best I have seen in the area and they are very friendly and completely family run.